MEET THE TEAM: 25 Questions with Pete Lally


Where you’re from: Southborough, MA

Favorite Spectacle memory: Opening up Cary Hall – there was a lot of relief after we pulled that off successfully.

First/favorite concert experience: My first one ever was Van Halen at the Worcester Centrum in 1986

Cake or pie? Ice cream cake

If given a plane ticket to leave today for anywhere in the world, you’d go to: Australia

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Tacos or spaghetti? Tacos

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars

Cat or dog? Dog, without a doubt

Favorite movie? Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

Do you collect anything? I’ve got a small coin collection that my godfather started for me years ago

A karaoke song that you could CRUSH right now without any prep: “Even the Nights Are Better” by Air Supply

Favorite Broadway musical: In the Heights

A cause close to your heart: The Boys and Girls Club

Congrats! You’ve just won $25 million in the lottery. What are the first three things you spend it on?

-        A boat. A real big boat.

-        A college fund for my kids

-        Travel

Three words you’d use to describe yourself:

-        Dad. That’s the only one that matters to me.

Three words your MOM would use to describe you: Uh-oh… you’d have to ask her on that one.

You’re dropped in front of a class where you must teach something for 30 minutes – what is it? Music business… I do it every week anyway!

Three famous people (alive or dead) that you’d invite to dinner: Frank Sinatra, Ben Franklin, & Jimmy Johnson

Morning or night? Night

Number one dating rule? Just because you’re married shouldn’t mean you stop going on them (with your spouse, just to be clear!)

Seinfeld or The Office: The Office, but Seinfeld is a close, close second

Pet peeve: People asking me where to park

Instant mood improver: Beer

Three desert island books:

-        John MacDonald wrote this murder mystery series that was really good – any one of those.

-        Two copies of War and Peace for kindling

Best Christmas present you ever got: This stereo cassette turntable that was pretty killer at the time

Name of your autobiography: I’m Surprised You Really Want to Read This

Andrew Cook