MEET THE TEAM: 25 Questions with John Higgins


Where you’re from: Dracut, MA

Favorite Spectacle memory: The after-show trips to Margarita’s

First/favorite concert experience: Hiatus Kaiyote in Rhode Island

Cake or pie? Pie

If given a plane ticket to leave today for anywhere in the world, you’d go to: Los Angeles

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Tacos or spaghetti? Tacos

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars

Cat or dog? Cat

Favorite movie? Dumb and Dumber

Do you collect anything? No

A karaoke song that you could CRUSH right now without any prep: “Down Underby Men at Work

Favorite Broadway musical: Urine Town

A cause close to your heart: MSPCA and other Humane Societies that help improve an animal’s quality of life.

Congrats! You’ve just won $25 million in the lottery. What are the first three things you spend it on?

-        Student loans

-        Pay off my car

-        Save the rest for when I need it

Three words you’d use to describe yourself:

-        Quiet

-        Smart

-        Reserved

Three words your MOM would use to describe you:

-        Handsome

-        Smart

-        Handsome, again

You’re dropped in front of a class where you must teach something for 30 minutes – what is it? Ticketing… how to do a cool show-build

Three famous people (alive or dead) that you’d invite to dinner: Nai Palm (Singer for Hiatus Kaiyote), Ozzy Osbourne, & Barack Obama

Morning or night? Night

Number one dating rule? No rules, just go with it.

Seinfeld or The Office: The Office

Pet peeve: When the light just turned green but the car behind you is already on the horn

Instant mood improver: Music

Three desert island books: I don’t really read

Best Christmas present you ever got: My girlfriend had a custom guitar made for me last year

Name of your autobiography: I Need More Coffee

Andrew Cook