MEET THE TEAM: 25 Questions with Brandon Caron


Where you’re from:
West Gardiner, ME

Favorite Spectacle memory: Greeting an artist stage-side when they walk off, and they say “man, what a crowd, what a night.” That means we all did our job well… including our great patrons.

First/favorite concert experience: Pearl Jam at Fenway

Cake or pie? Pie

If given a plane ticket to leave today for anywhere in the world, you’d go to: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Tacos or spaghetti? Tacos

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars

Cat or dog? Dog

Favorite movie? Forrest Gump

Do you collect anything? Sports memorabilia

A karaoke song that you could CRUSH right now without any prep: REO Speedwagon’s “Keep On Loving You”

Favorite Broadway musical: Wicked

A cause close to your heart: Pine Tree Camp

Congrats! You’ve just won $25 million in the lottery. What are the first three things you spend it on?

-        Student loans

-        Buy a house

-        Make a charitable donation

Three words you’d use to describe yourself:

-        Outgoing

-        Curious

-        Dependable

Three words your MOM would use to describe you:

-        Curious

-        Caring

-        Dependable

You’re dropped in front of a class where you must teach something for 30 minutes – what is it? Life skills

Three famous people (alive or dead) that you’d invite to dinner: JFK, Ted Williams, & Gen. Patton

Morning or night? Night

Number one dating rule? Table manners matter.

Seinfeld or The Office: Seinfeld

Pet peeve: People chewing with their mouth open.

Instant mood improver: Positive energy

Three desert island books:

-        Animal Farm

-        Great Expectations

-        Of Mice and Men

Best Christmas present you ever got: A trip to Disney

Name of your autobiography: In the Woods

Andrew Cook